Takes 2 To Tango is Benefitting One Heart International Mission

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A portion of the proceeds from Takes 2 To Tango will benefit One Heart International. One Heart International rescues & restores victims of sex trafficking. Through restoration centers, a new business creation hub, and hosted vision trips, we share God’s love in practical ways. Based in Franklin, TN, our staff works tirelessly in Moldova — a beautiful but deeply impoverished Eastern European country that is the world’s #1 source nation for sex traffickers. Roughly 15% of it’s population have become victims of human trafficking.

Our most critical need at the moment is a safe place, secure housing for multitudes of “graduated orphans” – young ladies between 14 and 18 years old who have nowhere to turn. Ripe for human traffickers, our staff on the ground work tirelessly to rescue as many as we can, giving them the tools they need to learn professional skills provide for themselves.   Crossfit Talon’s generous gift will go toward the completion of a cottage that will house 20 young ladies as they are empowered for the next phase of their new lives. This is literally a lifesaving project, and we can’t thank you enough!



THANK YOU for partnering with us in creating a safe place for survivors of human trafficking. Talon’s donation will go directly toward Building #3, our third cottage remodel project creating a secure, loving environment for these precious young ladies. -One Heart International

Devious Diane – presented by Smooth Is Fast


13 Minute Time Cap

Deadlifts (with handstand hold) (225/155/105) (M-Rx/W-Rx,M-Sc/W-Sc)
Handstand Pushups (with deadlift hold)

The WOD begins with one athlete kicking up into a handstand hold against the wall. Once one teammate is in the hold, Athlete 2 may begin to work on the deadlifts. Good deadlift reps are only counted while the other athlete is in the isometric hold. If the athlete comes off the wall, work on the deadlifts must stop, as any deadlifts performed when the other teammate is not in the iso-hold will not be counted as good reps. Athletes may switch roles at any time. Once the 42 deadlifts have been completed, the team may move onto the 42 HSPU. Before any work may begin on the HSPU, one teammate must pick up the deadlift bar and hold at the top of the deadlift position. Good HSPU reps are only counted while the other athlete is in the deadlift isometric hold. If the athlete comes out of the iso-hold, work on the HSPU must stop, as any HSPU performed when the other teammate is not meeting the standard of the iso-hold, will not be counted as good reps. Athletes may continue to switch as needed throughout the completion of the WOD. Mixed teams will have 2 bars so each gender will lift his/her respective weight.

Scaling: *MOVEMENT CHANGE FROM ORIGINAL RELEASE!!! All scaled divisions will complete the WOD with Parallette Pushups substituting for the HSPU. All division will do handstand holds for the iso-hold portion of the WOD. (If you would like to know why we changed it, check out our latest CrossFit Talon Talks podcast!)

Scoring: Devious Diane will be scored for time and will count as one quarter of the overall scoring for the Tango event.

Deadlift standards: No Lifting straps may be used. Bar begins on the ground. Athlete must pick the bar up fully extending his/her knees and hips with shoulders behind the bar at the top of the movement. Bumpers must touch the ground in between each rep. Sumo ­deadlifts are not permitted. Hands must be outside of the legs.  “Bouncing” the bar off of the ground is not permitted.

Handstand Isometric Hold: Work may begin on the deadlifts once one teammate is inverted on the wall in a handstand hold. No wall-facing handstand holds. Athlete’s rear-end may not come in contact with the wall. Hands/fingers may NOT be inside the holes or hanging off of the plate, and elbows must be at full extension. Feet must be inside the width of your hands and in contact with the wall. One teammate must be in the handstand hold for any deadlift reps to be counted as good reps. If at any time the elbows come out of full extension, feet come off the wall, feet go wider than the width of the athlete’s hands, or the athlete’s gluteus maximus comes into contact with the wall, the hold is considered to be over and the athlete will need to come off the wall to reset or switch. 

Handstand Push Up: Each athlete will have an abmat with a 25lb plate making contact with the abmat on each side. Hands/fingers may NOT be inside the holes or hanging off of the plates. The movement begins in a handstand position. The athlete will then lower themselves onto the abmat and push back up into a fully locked out position with arms extended. Feet must be inside the width of your hands when at full extension and in contact with the wall. If an athlete chooses to start in headstand, he/she must first push up into a full handstand before he/she can begin the first rep. (The pushup from the headstand DOES NOT count as a rep.) Athlete may do strict or kipping HSPU. Scaled: Parallette Push Up standards: The movement starts at the top of the pushup (plank) position with elbows fully extended, hands on the parallettes. The athlete will lower 4 points of contact are made between his/her body and the parallette; right hip, left hip, right shoulder and left shoulder. NO HAND FLASH! The athlete will then complete the rep by pushing his/her body up away from the parallettes until full lockout of the elbows is achieved. This movement will be more challenging and definitely more exciting for our scaled athletes than the originally planned HRPU. 

Deadlift Isometric Hold standard: Work may begin on the HSPU once one teammate is holding the bar in a standing deadlift position with knees and hips at full extension, and shoulders behind the bar. Alternating grip may be used, but lifting straps may not be used. The deadlift bar must be at the top position of the deadlift for any HSPU reps can be counted as good reps. If at any time the knees or hips come out of full extension, or the shoulders come in front of the bar, the deadlift is considered to be dropped.

Two minute Tangos – Presented By Paleo Works


Alternating Box jump overs (30/24/20)
Slam ball Ground to Over Shoulder (100/80/60)
Partner Wall Balls (30/20/14)
Synchronized Chest to Bar pullups (Scaled: synchronized pullups)
Max Calorie blind row

Each team will have two minutes to perform as many reps as possible at each station. There will be a 1 minute rest between stations. Each team will be ranked on each individual station. The rankings for each of the 5 stations will be totaled, and the teams will be ranked off of that total for a final ranking on the “Two Minute Tangos”. “Two Minute Tangos” final ranking will count as one quarter of the overall scoring for the Tango event.

Alternating Box Jumps Overs:  Athlete 1 will jump onto the box with both feet taking off of the ground at the same time and landing on top of the box at the same time. Athlete is NOT required to fully extend hips on top of the box. The athlete will then jump or step off of the opposite side of the box. The rep is complete when Athlete 1’s feet have made contact with the ground on the opposite side of the box. Once athlete 1 has made contact with the ground, athlete 2 may begin his/her rep. Athletes must alternate reps. Step-ups are permitted for scaled athletes. Rx Men will jump to a 30″ box. Women’s Rx, Men’s Scaled, and Mixed Rx will jump to a 24″ box. Women’s Scaled and Mixed Scaled will jump to a 20″ box.

Slam (Dead) Ball Ground to Over Shoulder: Weighted dead (slam) ball will begin on the ground. One athlete will clean the ball up to his/her shoulder, making sure hips reach full extension, then return the ball to the ground by pushing the ball OVER the shoulder (NOT outside the shoulder), with the ball falling behind his/her body. Athletes may switch as needed. All Rx Men will use the 100# ball. All Rx Women and Scaled Men will use the 80# ball. All Scaled Women will use the 60# ball.

Partner wall balls: Partner A will squat the med ball and throw the ball to the target. Partner B will receive the ball off of the wall, squat and throw the ball back to the same target. Only one partner is squatting at a given time. For a rep to count, the athletes’ hip creases must pass below the horizontal plane of the knee and the ball must touch the wall at the designated height. Men’s Rx will throw a 30# ball to a 10ft. target. Women’s Rx and Men’s Scaled, and Mixed Rx will throw a 20# ball to a 10ft target. Women’s Scaled and Mixed Scaled will be tossing a 14# ball to a 9ft target.

Synchronized Chest-to-bar Pull-up: Dead hang, kipping or butterfly pull-ups are allowed, as long as all the requirements are met. Both athletes’ arms must be fully extended at the bottom. At the top, both athletes’ chests, at or below the clavicle, must clearly come into contact with the bar at the same time. If one athlete does not touch their chest or their chests don’t touch at the same time, that is a no rep. Scaled: Synchronized Pull-ups: Dead hang, kipping or butterfly pull-ups are allowed, as long as all the requirements are met. Both athletes’ arms must be fully extended at the bottom. At the top, both athletes chins must clear the top plane of the bar at the same time. If one athlete does not clear the bar with their chin or their chin doesn’t clear the bar at the same time, that is a no rep.
*For all divisions, both athletes will be on the same length of 6 foot bar, meaning the shorter athletes will need to jump or use a box to reach the bar.

Blind Row: Both athletes will each be on his/her own rower and will row for max calories for 2 minutes, without the ability to see his/her screen. No…you won’t be blindfolded, although that may be fun…(more so to watch athletes get in and out of the rower blindfolded…;) Rower screens will be flipped up so your judge can see your numbers but you cannot. The judge cannot tell you your pace or your calories, only the time remaining. Your score will be total calories rowed between both partners. Any damper setting is allowed. Athletes may be in the rower before the 2 minutes begin but may not touch the handle until GO is called.



Flip-Flop 2.0 – presented by Warrior Massage and Mobility

Warrior mobility

12 Minute Time Cap

Block 1: Athlete 1: 400m Run

Athlete 2: 150 Double Unders

Block 2: Athlete 2: 400m Run

Athlete 1: 50 KB Swings (70/53/35)

Block 3: Athlete 1: 400m Run

Athlete 2: 50 KB Swings (70/53/35)

Block 4: Athlete 2: 400m Run

Athlete 1: 150 Double Unders

Athlete 1 will begin the 400m run while athlete 2 begins to work on the double unders. Both movements in Block 1 must be completed before starting any movements in Block 2. If athlete 1 finishes the 400m run before athlete 2 is finished with the double unders, athlete 2 may assist in completing the double unders, but only one athlete may be working on the double unders at a time, and must be on the designated mat. If athlete 1 finishes the double unders before athlete 2 arrives back from the 400m run, he/she must wait for athlete 2 to return from the run before beginning work on Block 2, in which the athletes MUST switch roles. In Block 2, athlete 2 must now complete the run while athlete 1 begins work on the KB Swings. Just as in Block 1, the athlete returning from the run may assist the athlete working on the movement , but only one athlete may be working on the KB Swings at a time. Athletes will continue to alternate roles in the blocks for the remainder of the workout.

Scaling: All Rx and Scaled divisions will perform double unders. Any scaled team may choose to complete the WOD with singles, but will be ranked below any team completing the double unders. Any Scaled team choosing to complete the WOD with doubles must complete through Block 2 otherwise will be given a DNF for the WOD, so choose wisely. Scaling will be 300 jump rope for each set of 150 double unders.

Scoring: Flip Flop 2.0 will be scored for time and will count as one quarter of the overall scoring for the Tango event.

Kettlebell Swing:  The movement will start with the bell between the athlete’s legs. Using both hands, the athlete will elevate the bell into the overhead position. At the top of the swing, the athlete’s arms must be fully extended and ears showing in front of arms. The knees, hips, shoulders, and elbows must be in vertical line. The base of the kettlebell must be pointed towards the sky (no droopy bells). The kettlebell must pass between the legs to start the next swing. NO DROPPING OF THE KETTLEBELLS! If an athlete drops a kettlebell, a 5 burpee penalty will be enforced immediately.

Double Unders/Singles: The jump rope must pass under the athletes feet twice before the athlete’s feet return to the ground for DU. The jump rope must pass under the athlete’s feet once before the athlete’s feet return to the ground for SU. RX athletes MUST complete DU, Scaled athletes may choose either DU or SU, but they must designate to their judge which movement will be performed prior to the WOD, and must choose as a team (both athletes must perform the same movement.) Reminder: any scaled team choosing to complete the WOD with SU will complete 300 singles per set and will be ranked below any scaled team choosing to complete the WOD with DU, completing at least 2 blocks. 

400m Run: Athletes will begin on his/her mat and will run AROUND a designated cone for each length of run. The run is considered complete when the athlete is back on his/her mat. 

Overhead Squat + Max Snatch – presented by Max Muscle


On a running clock (12 minutes), athletes will have 3 minutes to complete as many overhead squats as possible, with only one athlete working at a time. (135/95/65)

At the 3 minute mark, athletes will then have 9 additional minutes to find each athlete’s 1RM Snatch.

Scoring: Two scores will be recorded for this WOD; one for the number of completed OHS reps and one for the TOTAL of both athlete’s 1RM snatch. Each team’s OHS reps will be ranked against all other teams in the division. Each team’s 1RM Snatch total will be ranked against all other teams in the division. These two rankings will then be added together and ranked against the other teams’ totals to give the team their final ranking for this WOD. This final ranking will count as one quarter of the overall scoring for the Tango event.

Overhead Squat:  A full squat snatch is permitted, but not required, to start the movement, and an OHS squat rep will be given for the squat snatch as long as the proper squat depth is achieved. The hip crease must be below the knee at the bottom of the squat with the bar overhead. The hips and knees must fully open at the top (full hip extension) with the barbell overhead. The judges will be particularly strict about ensuring the hip fully opens at the top of the squat (no leaning forward). The barbell may not touch the head at anytime during the movement. Only one athlete is permitted to have contact with the barbell at all times. (You may not help your teammate put the bar on his/her back.) For mixed teams, you will have two barbells at the respective weights, but only one barbell is in play at a time. (Non-working athlete must wait until working athlete has dropped the bar before he/she may touch his/her barbell.)

1RM Snatch: The athlete may squat, power, or split snatch the weight overhead. The bar must come from the ground to full lockout overhead with the hips, knees, and elbows fully extended. If split snatching, the feet must be brought back underneath the athlete’s hips to complete the movement. The bar may not pause at the hang position or at the chest. The athlete must show control of the weight at the top, locked out position and must do so on the designated mat. Stepping off the mat with any part of either foot will not be counted as a successful lift. Same gender teams will have one bar while mixed teams will have two bars. Athletes may make attempts however they see fit and may change weight on the bar as needed. Mixed teams will be permitted to load weight on the non-working bar while the other athlete is working, but only one athlete may make an attempt at a time, as there is only one judge assigned to each team. Each team will have 9 minutes for the judge to record each athlete’s heaviest successful lift. 



Pre-WOD Release Statement:)

Are you ready to see this year’s WODs?!?!? They will be released tonight! However, I have some very important information for you before you get to see what we have in store for you this year.

There are still sponsorships available! This is a huge event with the ability to reach many potential clients/customers. Please email Tara at admin@CrossFitTalon.com if you are interested in sponsorship. Sponsorship details can be found at www.talonthrowdown.com.

Upon release of the 2015 Takes 2 to Tango WODs, all teams will be given until Wednesday, August 19th at 10pm to SUBMIT any requests for division changes. As you know, this is a very popular event, and many of the divisions are full with waitlists. We at Talon are committed to giving you the same type of professional, high quality, runs-on-time event that you are used to experiencing with the Talon Throwdown Series, which means I must closely manage the size of each heat. Therefore, I will do my best to accommodate all requests made, but I cannot guarantee all requests will be granted.

Please submit any requests to Tara at admin@CrossFitTalon.com

We will add more specific standards by editing the WOD posts this week. If you have questions that are outside of the typical standards, please feel free to email me at the email listed above.



Almost Full! Waitlist for some divisions.

We are now on a waiting list for all divisions besides Men’s and Women’s Rx. When the WODs are released within the next week, there are likely to be division changes, so some spots may open up. To get on the waiting list, fill out the registration as usual, but DO NOT PAY. We will contact you for payment if spots open up.